Tomo Portable Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator and H2 Generating Agent / Sea Mineral Sachets

Tomo Portable Hydrogen Water Maker and H2 Refill Sachets is a truly unique product developed after 13 years of research in Japan. Unlike any other Hydrogen Water Extractors, Tomo's Hydrogen Water Generator generates hydrogen from hydrogen refill sachets. It is the ONLY one in the market that does not require any power source to operate using electrolysis mechanism.

The water bottle is made of polycarbonate that almost unbreakable and only takes a sachet of sea mineral generating agent and some water to get the hydrogen generation started / process activated. It is convenient and proven to be much more effective at extracting and hydrogen content in comparison to other brands in the market.

Since Tomo Hydrogen Water Bottle is not dependent on a power source this avoids any heat generation or chemical leaks from a faulty battery that may affect or contaminate the rich hydrogen water during the generation process.

A truly simple, effective and well researched product that is convenient and seamless to use.