H2 Powder

H2 Powder

H2 Powder, is the Hydrogen ion gas (H+) generating agent is specialised to generate hydrogen ion gas (H+) through activation by hot water, and is complementary to be only used with the H2 REBORN home INHALATOR device.

The product is composed of 1 x 2 Aluminium Bags in a box.
Each Aluminium bag contain 1g H2 Powder x 10 sachets.


Storage and Safety Precautions: -

This product is not food. Please keep out of the reach of children.
Hydrogen ion gas (H+) is generated when it contacted with water, and it cannot be re-use once activated.
Do not put wet items into the aluminium bag, or handle with wet hands.
After open the aluminium bag and taken out the H2 powder sachets, immediately empty the air completely and seal the zip-lock aluminium bag tightly. Do not leave the aluminium bag open.
Do not store under high temperature and humidity condition, avoid direct sunlight.
After opening, please use up within 3 months.